What is the story behind Eden Roc?

EDEN, represents abundance. ROC, is the solid foundation, the Rock that your abundance is built upon. 

EDEN ROC was born out of my own journey of building inner strength from my challenges, and of creating abundance in my mind, my heart and my life from those challenges. If one can choose to look for the learnings, the gifts from adversity, then life tends to expand.

Like playing a game, once you master one level, you get to go to the next level which is more exciting, and has its own set of challenges but, you are more prepared. This is the same with life and choosing to go all in and learn all you can from the challenges that come at you. And it is a choice. Many will choose to stay in blame, shame, guilt, anger, dissociate or numb from challenges. Sadly then the point of the experience is lost. Life will continually present more experiences as an invitation  to grow and learn, but it is always our choice of how we see, experience and give meaning to these challenges. 

More recently, my experience with supporting and nursing our Mama through Grade 4 Brain cancer became the most powerful, transformative time in my life. I witnessed a woman that at the exact time of diagnosis, chose to transmute all her own hurt, pain, stories of family trauma, and use all that energy to become her most exceptional self. Like the story of the Golden Buddha, underneath it all was the most magnificent human being that was there the whole time. She taught me how to live, while you are dying.

In the most difficult chapter of her life, dealing with a terminal illness, Mum shone more brightly than I had ever known. She was abundant in those 14 months, and she shared this abundance with those around her in any capacity she could. For all my life I had seen Mum as weak, but little did I realise that all that time she was my Roc, my EDEN ROC.  

Without my beautiful Mum being every inch of herself, in all her humaneness, all her own struggles, all her gifts and talents, all her good moves, and not so good moves, I would not  have had this burning passion and ability to help others realise their own greatness and abundance as I have. 

We shared her 14-month journey with cancer, and I am eternally grateful for this time we had. 

Prior to Mum becoming sick, I had been on a walk along a beach, at a time when I was doing some healing work around mum. On that walk I randomly picked up a solitude rock that was on my path. Thinking nothing of it, I held it in my hand for this long walk. As I rounded back to the car,  I finally opened my hand, looked down at it, and I gasped, nearly fell to the ground. On the rock were the words “`My Mother”.

This became the physical representation and the birth of EDEN ROC COACHING AND CONSULTING. To further cement this idea of abundance through strength, I had always had a place where I go to reflect, on a rock that I stand upon near the beach, which bears beautiful green foliage around it. I remind myself that all this time, I had been standing on the shoulders of my mum, my rock. She helped forge and strengthen the person I am today, and from this place, abundance comes. And right near this rock, is a place called EDEN ROC. So, this rebranding of my Coaching practice was full with a rich tapestry of lived experience, mixed with manifestations, gifts and symbolism that I believe all merged at a time in my life that I am now able to bring you the best of me as your Coach.

My Coaching practice is built upon strength, compassion, vulnerability, wisdom, courage, creativity, persistence and boldness, and leaning into the co-creative force of a strength greater than me. I have learned from all the lessons in my life that have made me the person I am. From this place, abundance, (Eden) can flow and grow. 

So, I invite you to think about who or what has forged and strengthened you, and what abundance is yours because of this.

My Mother, My Rock.

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