'When you choose to do the inner work, have the courage to believe you deserve a great life and give yourself permission, you give a 'green light' to the outer world. It begins to respond in your favour and indeed you realise that all this time, life is indeed, a kind and generous experience!'

Passionate, values driven, and dedicated to see you realise the most exceptional version of yourself, Maryan brings together all of her work, life and personal experiences, to serve you at the highest level.

With experience in 1-1 coaching, running successful workshops, seminars and retreats, Maryan brings an intelligent, strategic approach, infused with lightheartedness, depth of insight and emphasis on self-awareness, helping you create the results and inner transformation you desire.

Trained by 2 of Australia’s top results, performance, mindset and business coaches, Scott Harris (UCP) and Ben J Harvey, (AE), Maryan is the coach you want for creating a higher level of success in your life.

Are you ready to get started?

The Credentials...

  • Ultimate Coach Professional  (Scott Harris, Gold Coast)
  • Certified Results Coach (Authentic Education, Sydney)

  • Certificate in NLP (The Mind Body College)

  • Registered Nurse since 1995 (APHRA)

  • Graduate Diploma in Counselling (ACAP, Sydney)

  • Nurse Success Educator, Energesse 

The Entrepreneur...

  • Creator and facilitator of multiple seminars

  • Creator and facilitator of the Goal Setting 5 week workshop series

  • Creator and facilitator of “Managing your Mindset” 5 week workshop series (OSANA Medical Practice)

  • Creator, facilitator and host of the 2 day Ignite & Unite Relationship Bootcamp Retreat,  Northern Beaches

  • Creator and facilitator of Leadership and Resilience workshops  (NSW Nurses and Midwives Association)

  • Chairperson  for Her Story Circle Global online summits

  • Speaker on Her Story Circle Global Summits on Intentional Forgiveness

  • Author in the Her Story Book anthology

  • Contributor for the Her Story Magazine

  • Keynote speaker

  • Guest on local radio

The Personal...

  • Married to my teenage sweetheart Frankie for 24 years, successfully traversing the magic and challenges of married life!

  • Mama Bear of 3 gorgeous girls, Estelle, twins Indianna and Azania…best role on earth!

  • Life long learner of personal growth, positive psychology and spirituality

  • Ideas queen!

  • A go-getter who can make things happen!

  • 2020-2021 -Nursing my Mama through her 14-month journey with Grade 4 Brain cancer. A life and soul-changing time, and the reason for the rebirth and rebranding of my Coaching practice

The Why...

I love my life. ALL of it! Not just the highlight reel, ALL of it! The good bits, the difficult bits, the old traumas, the highs, the lows, the unexpected challenges, the frustrations,  the times I have no idea what I’m doing, and the blessings.

You can’t have a full, meaningful life without loving and appreciating all that makes up your story and your humaneness. Being able to look for the diamonds, the lessons any situation offers you is key to finding that meaning and appreciation for it all.

But I didn’t always see it this way.

There was a time when I didn’t understand what and why horrible things were happening to me, why life wasn’t working and couldn’t get past alot of the hurt. Sexual abuse, a chaotic home life, alot of uncertainty, a decade long debilitating eating disorder, anxiety and a very low self image/belief.  I didn’t have dreams as a young girl, but what I did have was the  gift of awareness, and a little light inside of me. That little light and awareness was enough for me to hold onto, to burn brighter, eventually navigate my path out of shame, self depreciation, despair and begin to flourish in self love, confidence and opened up a space to dream for the first time.

Engaging in many modalities to support my path forwards, coaching became the vehicle that made that little light grow into a burning desire to live a fuller life, to be bold and think bigger, to serve others in meaningful ways. Coaching became the game changer in how I saw life and all it’s experiences. It was the modality that showed me that everything came down to one thing.
I began to choose how my life played out. I had to be willing to do the work. No more blame, shame or guilt. It took courage, discipline, digging deep, making mistakes. It ultimately it gave me choice, freedom of mind, joy and opened up parts of me I didn’t even know existed. It opened up a higher level potential and possibility that I never saw before.
For the first time in my life I began to dream. And those dreams began to breathe into life. I am grateful I am now in a position to support you as you embark on your own journey inwards, begin to dream, and create the outer world you love to live in!

The Work In Progress...

  • Mastering Meditation!

  • Keeping up with the changing needs of teenagers and emerging teenagers!

  • Getting back to my love of running

  • Creating Podcasts of ordinary people doing extraordinary things/reframing death and dying

  • Author my first book

  • Professional speaking/TED talk – ending the cycle of generational trauma

  • Creating an App that is for pure fun and entertainment!

How my Nursing background
help me Coach you...

Being in the helping profession for over 25 years as a Registered Nurse I have an internal drive to add value to other people’s lives. My mind, heart and soul draw me constantly to look into another’s eyes and let them know that their life matters, as does their desires, dreams and wants, and those they impact.

My Nursing career has taught me so much about the human condition, about our vulnerabilities, innate strength, our desire for human connection, and our capacity to find humour in the most difficult times. Over time and after witnessing so many diverse situations, I believe the Western medical model of managing disease has it’s limitations and found myself drawn to help people beyond the scope of medical solutions and treatments. The strong body of scientific evidence proves trapped emotions and stored trauma have a significant capacity to cause disease and illness in the body and mind.

As your Results Coach, I now have a larger toolkit in which to assist you, using specific scientific, evidenced-based techniques that can allow the release of these trapped emotions, and stored trauma, which potentially can create an improvement in your physical wellbeing and emotional states. It has been such a privilege to serve as a nurse, and I am grateful that my experiences infuse so much richness in my abilities as your Results Coach

That's my license to coach!