Let me help you create innovative and strategic ideas to implement in your business!

I am by nature, a prolific ideas person! I have a natural gift to see creative, innovative and super simple ways to improve how a business operates, tweak a problem to move to solutions, create novel ideas and strategies to increase sales and your personal ability to manage all the demands. In working together our intention is to serve your beautiful patients, clients and staff better, and most importantly, renew your love, focus, time and energy for this thing you started, your business.

As a consultant in your business, I can offer you new insight and fresh perspectives and help your business improve profitability and overall productivity. I have an eye for seeing innovative and creative ideas to implement in your practice. The intention is to create a better connection with your staff or your clients. 

How I Work

We start with a questionnaire. While sometimes these things feel monotonous, it offers a snapshot of where you are currently at. Most importantly, it offers you an opportunity in your busy role to sit for  half an hour to really be with what you have created, your biz. In a structured way you will evaluate where you are currently at, how connected you feel to your staff and clients, and what you would like to see materialise in your short and long term business.

Using this evaluation as our guide, we then schedule our 1-1.5 hour conversation to get to know you more and align your head and heart goals (I may visit your business if practical). The intention of our conversation is to begin formulating 3 strategic goals to work on based on our conversation. This might be very simple shifts in culture, it may be defining your values as a business, it could be a novel idea that shifts everything,  it may be injecting more life and energy into your team, it could be dealing with how you relate to your team/clients. Or it could be problem solving an ongoing issue. It could be a new, fresh creative idea that moves the needle on your business.

Case Study: Example of how one simple idea can create exponential potential!

A recent example was suggesting to an Orthodontist who works day in day out with children and braces. He is quite visible in his marketing, but could do with a boost in revenue especially after emerging out of COVID lockdown.

Here is what I offered:

Keep in mind my ideas/strategy are about ticking as many boxes as possible!

Get a big shiny bell!

Getting the kids, after their arduous 18-24 month braces journey on the day they have their braces removed, ring a big shiny bell to signify their victory, their big beautiful smile and enjoying a new life free of metal!

Taking a Polaroid picture that the child can keep, and one to put up on a “Hall of  Brace Fame” in a prominent place in the foyer, possibly with a ‘Certificate of achievement”. No other orthodontist is doing this, therefore it creates a uniqueness for your business

Post this on Social media platforms and in marketing flyers/promotions as a great marketing tool.

Most importantly, the child has endured 18-24 months of appointments, discomfort, sometimes putting up with some social awkwardness. Marking this milestone gives recognition and honours their journey, celebrates them, their ‘new smile’, and is a momento to remind them of this chapter of their lives. It is important to celebrate and mark their achievements, and then to move forwards. 

It adds an extra layer of work satisfaction in seeing these kids celebrate their new smile together with them, everyone ends up smiling! The team’s sense that they are doing something of real value is heightened, Staff retention is always improved when the work they do is valued and valuable.

Parents tell their parent friends, Children tell their friends about the photo and the’ Hall of Brace’ fame. They tell their parents, the parents go on to the website, see the pics with the Orthodontist, and boom, another client!

For the cost of a bell ($150), printing of certificates, a cork board in the foyer…an average cost for braces is $8-9,000. If you get even just 2 extra patients a month based on this strategy, you do the math…I think the Orthodontist will do well!

I look forward to helping creative innovative, simple ideas and strategies to boost a renewed energy for your business, excite you about what service you offer and  build stronger connections with staff and clients. And, so so importantly, boost your bottom line to help you serve more people in a way you love.

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