I have created and successfully ran seminars and workshops, as well as a weekend Relationship Bootcamp retreat around the mindset of success, goal setting, busting through your self imposed limitations.

I have a passion and drive to share what I have learned about setting goals and working towards them, with an emphasis on the inner transformation that occurs on the journey.

I share my knowledge, insights, leadership skills and tools that keep you focused, manage procrastination, fear and overwhelm and enhance your self-belief.

I want to see your next workshop, seminar or retreat be of high value to you, your team and clients.

I incorporate the following elements into my workshops and seminars:

  • NLP
  • Positive Psychology
  • Spirituality
  • Intuition
  • Understanding of health/making choices has certain consequences
  • Nature/inspirational resources
  • Common sense
  • Lived experience
  • Practicality
  • And a GSD attitude (get stuff done!)

Corporate Events

Are you a manager of a team in the Corporate sector?

Are you looking to improve the productivity and fulfilment of your team?

Do you value your staff and place importance on your team’s personal and professional development?

I have several corporate packages available to meet the needs of your workplace and staff. These take into account the number of attendees and the kind of business you run.

Please contact me to make an appointment to discuss your needs and budgets.

**All seminars are based on the Psychology and Mindset of Transformational Coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Leadership In The Workplace

1.5 Hour Seminar/Workshop

  • Why is Leadership important especially in these challenging times
  • What makes a good leader
  • What makes an exceptional leader
  • Inspiring and empowering the whole team to be leaders in their own roles
  • Create some collaborative goals for the team moving forwards
  • Bringing the best of you into the workplace
  • We explore and examine the different personality types through practical exercises. We celebrate the differences and how we incorporate this into working together as a team.

Attendees can expect to develop a deeper insight into themselves, increase their confidence about what they contribute to the environment and look at how they can achieve more that they currently do both personally and professionally.

Up to 10 Attendees – $1,097

11-20 Attendees – $1,997

21-40 Attendees – $2,997

Leadership & Kryptonite

3 Hour Seminar/Workshop

97% of you already have everything you need to shine. You already possess the skill, talent, ability to have a great team. It’s the 3% of you that sabotages your best efforts, to bring the best of you forward.

This Workshop incorporates the Leadership work above, and explores the idea of what brings an individual and a team down (Kryptonite). Often it’s just a small thing but has a crippling affect on team cohesion, collaboration, outcomes and emotional resources.

We explore what that 3% of sabotage is (fear based), what purpose it has served, and what’s the cost of ‘holding on’ to these fears. And of course explore what will be the benefit of ‘letting go’ of these limiting fears and step into your power.

Through practical exercises, attendees will learn tools and skills to manage and replace ‘sabotage’ thoughts and behaviours, allowing them to stay in resourceful states, AND make better choices that serve them.

This will assist attendees access their most creative and productive selves, making for a more cohesive and dynamic team.

Up to 10 Attendees – $1,997

11-20 Attendees – $2,997

21-40 Attendees – $4,997

Life & Work By My Design

1 Day (6 Hours) Seminar/Workshop

*This 1 day workshop includes the content of the above packages, and then we design your life according to insights and goals from these.


We explore where people are in their personal and professional growth – Are you just going with the flow, or are you taking the time to be clear about what you want.

What values are going to drive the direction and changes you want to make over the next 1, 3, 5 years.


The most critical element to making what you know you want to happen! This takes your idea, dreams and spoken goals (for Business and personal goals) onto paper, and actually schedule in the time to make things happen! This ultimately frees up more TIME, gets you out of overwhelm, and gets you using a road map to be excited about! This will give attendees a greater sense of emotional freedom, feel physically freer, and have a plan to live life on purpose! They will walk out with a physical schedule that they will be able to implement immediately!

Up to 10 Attendees – $2,497

11-20 Attendees – $3,997

21-40 Attendees – $7,997

30 minute complimentary session for group of 5

A complimentary session with a small group of 5 staff

This would be an Introductory 30 minute session to explore and examine areas of their lives, both in their personal and professional lives, that they are really happy with, and areas that they will see they need to pay attention to! This may include areas such as Health, Time Management, Work Satisfication, Financial Goals, Relationship with Self/Others. This session will give attendees clarity about what areas they could focus on that will ultimately make them feel more in control and empowered in their work and personal lives.