This Bootcamp Retreat for Couples is Designed to...

  • Take a Weekend out of your life, give you time out from the business of your world, time away from your great kids, to create time and space to focus on the most important aspect of your life…The relationship you have with yourself and your partner

  • Designed to meet the needs of the Ladies and the Men, incorporating physical activities, drumming circle, meditation, education sessions, reflective exercises, and fun, novel ways of getting to know your partner better, all designed to engage the mind, body and spirit in creating positive change in your relationship that works for both of you!

  • Ignite the spark back in your relationship, by exploring each others values, stories, beliefs, and then Uniting with each other, by creating a Plan that incorporates shared values, ideas and what you want moving forwards from the Bootcamp

  • Stop the ‘tug of war’ that often eats away at the relationship, and work at discovering where you dovetail in interests, ideas, values, Help you discover and appreciate the differences in each other, as well as the commonalities that strengthen you as a couple and as parents

  • Look at what’s Right in the relationship

  • Identify family of origin patterns/values that enhance your relationship, and ones that hinder your growth

  • Help you make decisions about what ‘ingredients’ you want in your relationship, and what ‘ingredients’ need to be discarded!

  • Challenge you physically and emotionally emotionally, to make positive Breakthroughs in your own life, and become more engaged in your relationship again!

  • See the role of parenting from a whole new lens

Specific Outcomes from The Bootcamp


  • Get the excitement, fun, challenge back in your relationship!
  • Discover yourself at a deeper level, what is truly important to you
  • Examine patterns of behaviour that may/may not be serving you and the health of your relationship
  • Discover what yours/your partners personality type is and learn strategies to embrace the differences
  • Focus on your strengths, and  learn to lean into the discomfort of vulnerability
  • Develop new ways of communicating with your partner
  • Discover exactly, what your partner REALLY WANTS!


  • As a United couple, you will create a physical plan that you will follow when you get home, that keeps you on track, keeps you both accountable, and encouraged to make your relationship a top priority over other demands in your life.
  • A renewed sense of excitement, curiosity, fun and adventure you can share your partner.
  • Incorporate your children (if any)  in your family plan.
  • Create new friendships with other couples wanting the same thing as you do…more satisfying, fulfilling relationships
  • Discover how to implement a simple yet powerful relationship business plan for success

Leave You Feeling...

  • Your future is bright

  • You have everything right now, to engage in your relationship in a more powerful way!

  • Safe and free to have FUN in your relationship

  • Ignited and United!

  • Confident you CAN have a great relationship!

  • Like you just created a major milestone in your relationship by playing full out on the Bootcamp!

  • Like you are one great Couple that your kids can look up to!

  • Secure and safe in your relationship

  • Hot and sexy!

So All You Have To Do Is...


Register for the Bootcamp Retreat (early Bird rate available)


Turn up with a desire to learn


Commit to each other to use this time to play full out, in order to get the most value from the weekend!


Get your child minding sorted out NOW!

Only 20 Spots in Total! (10 couples)

What's Included?

  • Welcome gift pack delivered to your door!

  • Private accommodation with ensuite

  • All meals (Please contact Organiser if you have Dietary Requirements 3 weeks prior to Bootcamp retreat)

  • Use of grounds for walks

  • Meditation/yoga each morning to set you up energised for the day

  • Meditation each evening to integrate learnings, wind down

  • Opportunity to swim, run/walk in the morning at Collaroy

  • Drumming Circle Saturday Night

  • +/-Physical activity challenge course

  • Support staff over the weekend All materials and novel communication strategies that you will take home

Collaroy Centre/Bootcamp Rules

There is no alcohol or smoking allowed on site. Having an alcohol free Bootcamp may be challenging for some, however, you will find you are more alert, present and engaged for a very energetic weekend!

You will be asked to leave the Bootcamp if you are consuming alcohol, and no refund will be issued.